Do I need planning?

Often the simple answer is yes and if its not planning you require it could very well be a certificate of lawful development or build regulation approval.

Building works are either covered under the Town and Country Planning Act and/or The Building Regulations 2010, therefore it is best to call us and ask for our advice.

Do you only do residential work?

No we are also experienced in agriculture, commercial and public section works, whether it be in construction or design.

If you complete our design do we have to use your construction team?

Absolutely not!

Once we have completed our design brief and you have paid your final invoice the drawings are at your disposal. Therefore you may obtain quotations and appoint who ever you wish.

However if it is of interest to you then we can provide you with free no-obligation quote for the complete package.

How much is the initial design and how long does it take?

The cost of the design services for domestic properties start from £425+ for Planning Permission drawings and £425+ for Building Regulation drawings.

From client appointment to it takes use around four week to prepare a set of drawings, then if they require planning approval this will take 8 weeks, then Building regulation approval takes a further 5 weeks.

Its not uncommon for people start construction prior to Building Regulation sign off, however we recommend you don’t, as this could prove costly in the long run. As an alterative if we a confident you will achieve planning we would recommend submitting the construction drawings to Building Control during the planning process. Therefore you will be ready to start on planning approval.